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Are Your Allergies Making You Anxious?

Allergy season has arrived with the trumpeting sound of sneezing! Eyes water at the mere thought of pollen and noses are tied up in congestion that puts rush hour traffic to shame. In addition to the classic allergy symptoms, many people find they get a bit more...

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New Office Location – 2016

  I am so excited to announce that I will be moving to a new office in Old Town Scottsdale! I have outgrown my current space and have many patients from throughout the valley so I chose a central location, easily accessed from the 101. I am looking forward to...

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Are you a risk for skin cancer?

The sun loves to shine in Arizona. And for those of us who live here year round, we rack up a lot of UV exposure.   According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, we should stay in the shade during peak sun exposure from 10am-4pm and always use a sunscreen with an SPF...

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Do You Have a Nervous Stomach?

  One of the top reasons people come to see me is for help with anxiety. In fact anxiolytics, the class of drugs used to treat anxiety, are some of the most prescribed drugs in America. Unfortunately these prescriptions tend to be very addictive and, since they...

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Are You in Your Right Mind?

I consider myself to be left-brain dominant. I love logic, order and analysis. I love it when A + B always equals C and always follows in that order. I have a deep admiration for people who are creative: authors, composers, and artists. They have a level of...

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