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Dr. Lovick may order standard laboratory blood tests as part of your health assessment profile.

In addition to standard blood work, we offer specialty lab tests to further evaluate each patient. Dr. Lovick will review each result and customize therapies targeting optimal health for her patients.

Specialty labs

Adrenal Health
Adrenal function is assessed using a combination of blood and saliva tests. A salivary panel may be ordered to measure overall adrenal health and how your body handles stress.

Allergy testing
Environmental allergies and food allergies are tested by measuring antibodies in the blood. Identifying factors that cause inflammation in the body is an essential first step in healing the body.

Digestive Health
Food allergy testing is an important part of treating digestive dysfunction. Gut dysbiosis can be measured through stool analysis that can reveal the presence of candida, parasites or even “bad” bacteria in the digestive tract. These imbalances can lead to a multitude of chronic conditions.

Heavy Metal and Chemical Testing – Chronic diseases usually coincide with elevated metals or chemicals in the body. Once levels are ascertained, corrective action can be established.

Hormone Testing
Dr. Lovick primarily uses blood analysis to analyze thyroid and reproductive hormone imbalances. She addresses the cause of the disruption and works to rebalance and restore the body.

Neurotransmitter Testing
Rebalancing neurotransmitters establishes good mental health for children and adults. Imbalances may be linked to nutritional deficiencies or digestive health issues. Once levels are ascertained, corrective action can be taken.

Nutritional Testing
Many health conditions are linked to poor nutrition. Testing can determine how well your body extracts and assimilates nutrients from food.

Weight Loss

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