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I have been a patient of Dr. Ann Lovick for the last 3 years. Being fed up with traditional medicine, I found it so refreshing to have a doctor that takes a preventative approach to my health. Dr. Lovick took her time to understand my medical needs and I have never felt better. I thoroughly trust Dr. Lovick and know that I am in good hands. Thank you Dr. Lovick for taking such great care of me.


Making Dr. Lovick my primary physician was the best thing I ever did for my health. Dr. Lovick is smart, professional and practical. She immediately puts you at ease. She listens to you and asks all the right questions. Moreover, she cares. You are not just another patient – Dr. Lovick really wants you to be well. While most doctors treat symptoms, Dr. Lovick fixes the root cause. When I first came to her, I was struggling with the effects of Celiac disease, debilitating allergies and adrenal fatigue. Under her care, I became symptom-free, drug-free and, dare I say, ‘super human’ in a matter of months.”


At 50 years old, I figured having no energy, no sex drive and no chance of regaining either was just something I had to accept. And being on Paxil for almost 8 years certainly couldn’t be helping matters.

My daughter, (already a patient of Dr. Lovick’s), convinced me to give Dr. Lovick a try and I am so grateful that she did. While my General Practitioner routinely performed blood tests for various hormones and found them to be in the “acceptable” range according to general medical guidelines, it was Dr. Lovick who reaffirmed what I already suspected: “acceptable” is NOT optimal. She convinced me that we could do better.

Through Dr. Lovick’s careful planning and consistent monitoring, we developed a plan to FIRST get everything in proper working order before weaning from the Paxil. I believe THAT made all the difference. Long story short: I have had minimal side effects from the withdrawal; my energy level is up, my thinking is clearer. I feel like I’ve made it through a minefield and I am so grateful that she knew exactly how to help me and wasn’t willing to settle for “acceptable.”

But it is, perhaps, Dr. Lovick’s greatest strength that she really cares about helping to get her patients to a place where they can feel “alive” and happy and healthy again.

Mary Ann

I was getting increasingly frustrated with my doctor about not listening to my complaints of weight gain, fatigue and just feeling off. I was just about to turn 40 decided I really needed to start paying better attention to my health. I had spent the whole summer feeling exhausted and had no energy. My massage therapists recommend that I try a different approach, and suggested Dr. Lovick. When I started talking to Dr. Lovick I could tell she was really listening to me and took the time to understand my concerns. She did some blood tests and found that my thyroid was not quite where it should have been. What had been an acceptable level, even with my complaints, to my previous doctor, was not for her. She fine-tuned my thyroid levels and within weeks I was feeling better. It was nice to finally have a doctor that offered solutions geared towards my needs. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She has continued to help me improve my health and I am grateful to have found such a great and caring doctor.


I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Lovick during a visit to another doctor. She was recommended to me for women’s health care. Until I met Dr. Lovick, I had never had a doctor who carefully listened to all of my health concerns and asked so many questions about my health and lifestyle leading up to the illness. Although initially I saw Dr. Lovick for women’s health concerns, she was also able to help me in other areas of concern that I had.

Dr. Lovick is the most compassionate, open-minded and knowledgeable doctor I have ever had. In truth, I never knew a doctor could spend so much time getting to know and understand her patient’s concerns and medical conditions. Where other doctors had no idea what to do about my condition and simply prescribed a medication to cover up the symptoms, Dr. Lovick always looked to find the cause of the problem and prescribed the least invasive medication or treatment. Because of Dr. Lovick, my health has flourished.

Dr. Lovick is aware of and understands the human body on many levels and I am forever grateful for meeting her and having her as my doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Lovick.