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Your Dinner May be Interrupting Your Sleep

3 Reasons Why Your Food May Be Keeping You Awake At Night After a long day at work, most people cannot wait to fall into bed and sleep.  But not everyone gets to enjoy a good night’s rest.  Some people have trouble falling asleep, whereas others have trouble staying...

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3 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Lungs

We live with pollution in Phoenix every day.  During fire season, we are exposed to even more toxins in the atmosphere. When we breathe polluted air, the particles in the air can irritate and damage our lungs.  The Air Quality Index (AQI) measures the pollution levels...

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The ABCs of Skin Cancer

What is that mole on your back telling you? As a child of the 80s, I laid out in the sun. A lot. If you know me today, and observe the evidence of my Irish heritage (read that as "pasty white skin"), you might be surprised that I was able to acquire a suntan. Well I...

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A-Choosing the Right Supplement for Allergy Season

This has been a tough allergy season!  Unless itchy ears and scratchy throats are your thing, you have been suffering along with the rest of us.  Allergies can be more than just an annoyance.  When allergies stick around too long, they create this moist, swollen...

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Prescription Refill Policy

1. Request for prescription refills of medications may take 72 hours for a response to the request Plan Ahead: 2. Please contact us three ( 3 ) business days before your medication is due to run out. If you use a mail order company, please contact us fourteen ( 14 )...

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