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Prescription Refill Policy

April 11, 2019 12:27 am
Published by: Dr. Ann Lovick
1. Request for prescription refills of medications may take 72 hours for a response to the request
Plan Ahead:
2. Please contact us three ( 3 ) business days before your medication is due to run out. If you use a mail order company, please contact us fourteen ( 14 ) days before your medication is due to run out. Messages should be left with the front desk.
3. No prescription requests will be refilled on weekends or holidays. Medication refill requests sent in after 12 pm on Fridays may or may not be approved. Please plan accordingly.
4. It may take 1 – 3 business days to refill your prescription. We must review your medical records, check for expiration dates, verify the number of refills and ensure refill eligibility. Once the necessary information has been researched, it is presented to the doctor for final authorization. Certain medications require laboratory testing before they can be refilled.
5. Refill requests may also be made through your pharmacy or patient portal. The pharmacy will forward the necessary information to our office to begin the research process.
6. We utilize strict controls for controlled substance medications. Some controlled substances cannot be called into the pharmacy for refills. The patient must be seen in the office for those non-refillable medications. Patients taking controlled substance medications cannot have the medication refilled until the current prescription is fully expired. Patients taking these medications must be seen by the physician at least every 90 days.
7. Refills on medication can only be authorized on medications prescribe by physicians in our office. We will not refill medications prescribed by other physicians.