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A-Choosing the Right Supplement for Allergy Season

This has been a tough allergy season!  Unless itchy ears and scratchy throats are your thing, you have been suffering along with the rest of us.  Allergies can be more than just an annoyance.  When allergies stick around too long, they create this moist, swollen...

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Prescription Refill Policy

1. Request for prescription refills of medications may take 72 hours for a response to the request Plan Ahead: 2. Please contact us three ( 3 ) business days before your medication is due to run out. If you use a mail order company, please contact us fourteen ( 14 )...

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Vitamin C

  Vitamin C is a vastly under appreciated supplement.  Most people only reach for vitamin C to support their immune system to help fight off a cold or the flu.  But we need to take vitamin C every day. First, did you know that humans do not make vitamin C?  This...

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Sugar Rehab

  We need to change the way we look at sugar.  Sugar is extremely addictive.  If we detox from sugar, but don’t change our mindset, we will soon find ourselves back on the sugar rollercoaster.  So detoxing is one step of the process, and it will eliminate our...

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Is Gluten-Free just a Diet Trend?

Gluten-Free:  Part 1 Standing in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, the guy next to me sarcastically commented, "Who thinks orange juice needs to be labeled gluten-free?  Clearly it's just another diet trend!" I can see why he might think this, but...

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