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5 Keys to Surviving Cold and Flu Season

January 20, 2018 10:08 pm
Published by: Dr. Ann Lovick
This has been a rough flu season for a lot of people.  In our last post we included a list of items to keep on hand in case you start to feel sick.  In case you missed it, you can check it out here.  In addition to our favorite things, we have some advice to keep you healthy.
  1. Double up on your daily dose of fish oil.  Fish oil helps hydrate the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract. When those membranes are well hydrated, they do their job which is to prevent you from getting sick.
  2. Avoid all cow’s milk dairy products.  This includes cheese, yogurt, sour cream and ice cream.  Cow’s milk products tend to increase the production of mucous. Sinus congestion creates a moist swollen environment where viruses and bacteria love to grow.  Headaches and sinus pressure tend to cause the most misery for those suffering from the flu.
  3. Avoid all sugar.  Viruses and bacteria feed on sugar. When you are comforting yourself with foods such as ice cream, you are actually making things worse.  It’s the equivalent of scoring points for the other team.  Don’t do it!
  4. Avoid drinks that dehydrate you like alcohol and coffee. When mucous in the sinuses gets thick, it causes more sinus pressure and pain.  It is also more difficult to eliminate.  Stay well hydrated!  Drink water with electrolytes to counteract dehydration and thin out sinus congestion.
  5. Get plenty of sleep and stay home from work if you are sick.  The stress of being at work when you feel bad can suppress your immune system and prolong your illness. And I am sure your coworkers would appreciate it!