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Diabetes has been growing at a staggering pace in the US.  As our society becomes more stressed and looks for options to consume food quicker, faster, and cheaper, the food industry has responded with products that are less nutritious, less organic, and less satisfying.  This stimulates the need for greater quantities, a great caloric intake, and larger waistlines.  Stressful lifestyles are typically less active and this combination creates the perfect breeding ground for diabetes.

Diabetes is insidious and it ravages every organ system in the body.  Unfortunately it causes damage long before signs and symptoms manifest in the body.  Dietary changes are the cornerstone to controlling diabetes.  I always explain that no one will ever out-medicate, out-supplement, or out-exercise a bad diet.  However we do have natural therapies that support proper blood sugar regulation and minimize or eliminate the need for prescription medications.  Botanical medicines and nutrients not only help control diabetes, but they help reduce or eliminate the effects of diabetes on the body.

This is a serious chronic disease but it is one that responds well to naturopathic medicine.  We offer comprehensive treatment plans that not only manage diabetes, but often reverse it completely.  Education is a large part of our treatment protocol.  You do not have to be part of this growing health crisis.  Call our office today for an appointment.


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